Monday, January 30, 2012

Bowfishng & High Powered Rifles

One of my buddies has a big ranch, and theres this little river that flows through it. Last week, he asked if he could borrow my yak, because he's thinking about getting one and wanted to try mine, so I said sure, nothing better than another friend with one. He came back and was telling me that since we're in such a drought, their river has pretty much turned into a long, shallow, skinny lake thats full of carp and that we need to go out a see if we can stick a few. 

So, I met them out there Saturday, I try and figure out how I'm going to tackle this, the mud is that smelly black kind thats about knee deep and sticks to everything so that made it even more fun. I get into my yak, stand up and start paddling, I get to a part thats alittle deeper and all of a sudden theres about 100 or more carp going nuts all around me. What happens next is kind of what I should have expected after not shooting my bowfishg rig in about 7 years. I get off about 5 misses, then I notice, half of the knock has broken off. Theres fish all around so I give it abother try, with the broken knock and stick one. I'm pretty excited now. After that, I realize the handle on my reel has fallen off and I guess it went on through the scupper holes so I can't reel in any more line but I keep on trying with the broken knock, after about 10 dry fires, we find an extra knock and with a few modifications, it's glued to the arrow. We shoot a few more times and miss before we decide to go on another shooting adventure elsewhere on their place.

 This was some fun shooting, we were shooting beer cans starting where that dirt road bends, 200yds, then back to 350. I was shooting an old open sight 30-30 and getting within a foot of it a 200, pretty hard to see much further than that without a scope. The guy shooting in the picture shot a milk jug at 540 right before we got there. Pretty impressive.

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