Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dink Fest 2012

Well I finally broke my curse of kayak bass fishing with the camera filming. We went out Saturday morning with hopes of yankin some 5+lber's but as we found out, that wasn't the case. Tried several tactics but none caught the bigguns. Maybe next time. I'm just glad I got some on camera, and edited up halfway decent.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long guns and pistols

Man oh man, why are guns so much fun. Got to take the brother in law, and wife's cousin's fiance out the other day. The cousins fiance has quite the collection of guns so that made it even more fun. One of the guns he had was an AK-47, while not full auto, it was still a blast to squeeze round after round off. Of course we had the shot guns and shot off several hundred rounds at clay pigeons. We also pulled out the pistols and did some double wielding stuff, it's kind of fun to fire off two clips at a time... Wish we'd had some tannerite to top it all off, maybe next time. All in all it was a large time.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wax Slugs

A while back I'd picked up a flat screen TV and had kept it in my shop since we didn't have anyplace to put it in the house. So once Summer started cooling down, I got to thinking, I'd put it on our patio, so we could watch the then Rangers play. Well, everything about it was great, I'd put it out when we were out and take it in when we were done. Then, one night I forgot to put it up and the next afternoon when I went out, it was gone. And heres the dumb part, who ever got it, didn't unhook anything, just ripped it down and broke the little male screw the cable plugs into and left the power cord.

The thing about this whole ordeal that made me the most mad is that someone was on my back patio, no more than a foot from my back door and could have just as easily kicked it in came in and robbed us. So after telling some people, I learned of these slugs. Made about a dozen and boy are they bad to the bone.

Here are some 3" Black Clouds I made. I used #2&4 Steel, Black Cloud Flightstopper & Flightcontrol Steel, and #7&9 Lead BB's. The 2 3/4" shells did some work so I can only imagine what these will do.

Opening Day 2012 Dove Season

Finally got out of the house, and had a successful day. Went out with three others and almost everyone got a limit. There for a little while, the dove were thick in these parts but we had a big cold front and it pushed most of the birds out. Since then in certain areas it's been lights out. I finally broke down and picked up a mojo dove after everyone else I hunted one having one and hogging all the birds. Well here a picture of what we ended up with after the first day.