Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Duck Hunting

For me, the cold weather of November means two things, Thanksgiving and duck hunting. This year I picked up a new kayak and have been fishing mainly out of it, but the other day I thought I'd take it duck hunting. I usually hunt out of a bigger aluminum boat thats more set up for duck hunting but I thought this would be fun.

So, I get the truck loaded up and head out to the lake, the place I have in mind to put in, I've never actually been, just driven by. So wouldn't you know, it's dark, lots of big boulders to drag my yak and all the hunting stuff over, and when I get close to the water theres an old fence blocking people out from the lake. Luckily, I find a place in the fence I can get through and then procede to get the yak loaded up.

The paddle to the place I had in mind, it only takes about 15 minutes, its close to where I hunted last year, but becasue of the drought this summer theres no water at last years spot. So I start setting up at this place where theres tons of logs and brush, I'm thinking, this is kind of odd that on this whole bank this is the only place with wood. Then I see why, as I'm down in all this wood, a beaver comes out about 6 feet from where I'm at, and races towards the water. After that I decide if there was more than one it'd probably have came out to. So I go on and set up my kayak to hunt out of.

Now we're hunting, right at day break a pair of teal come buzzing into the spread and I fire off two rounds but miss both, so I reach down to for the calls and try to get''em to circle back, but of course their gone. I spend the rest of the morning watching the sky for ducks and trying to get my phone to load the internet so I can see what the TPWD says about shooting beavers. Anyways, no more ducks fly in, only water turkeys and a few cranes, so I call it good and head back in.

My first kayak hunt, I got skunked.

Here is the coosa loaded up, not sure how much it weighed but it was heavy!!

The blind next to a beaver dam.

My view looking out.