Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lure Making - Alabama Rigs, Kind Of

When Bassmaster Elite pro Paul Elias won a tournament on Lake Guntersville back in October, with a lure not known to the bass fishing world, he opened a whole new way of fishing nobody ever thought could happen. He was using the now famous Alabama Rig. Since his win, B.A.S.S has now banned it in the Classic and Elite Series because people feel its fish catching abilities put everyone not using it at a disadvantage. Anyways, since all of this hype I have ordered mine and have also tried my hand at making some and the lure I have come up with, is some what of a hybrid between a Jig and a Alabama Rig. I think if this thing can catch fish, it could have the potential of being something pretty wild. The thinking with this rig is that being smaller than the normal Alabama Rig, you'll still be able to fish it with your normal 6'6" or 7' rod and wont have the need for the serious braids and heavy duty outfits like you do with the A-Rig. Once we get some nice weather, and I can get a chance to go out, I'm going to give these a try and hopefully, catch a few fish while I'm at it.

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