Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Even though its still January, the weather we've been having feels like early spring. And with that, I've been getting the bass itch!! So, I've been cleaning rods, cleaning and re-spooling reels, building spinner baits, and organizing my tackle for this up coming bass season. I've gone from about 10 plano trays full of lures to 4, and 3 big Tupperware deals full of worms to 1. One thing I want to do is carry more stuff but in a smaller package so I have been digging through everything I have, seeing what I think I'll want to use and setting it out. The only thing is it all has to fit into a worm bag and ONE, plano tray. I also want to see if I can get away without having to buy anymore lures, except when I loose one. So far its been pretty easy to get what I want in there so we'll see how it works. I feel confident in what I have, and really it's possibly too much, but oh well having alittle too much is usually ok.

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