Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tawakoni Blues

Loaded up before the sun came up and headed out to Lake Tawakoni for some serious catfishing. I had hopes of catching one over 20 pounds but didn't quite do it. I met up with several guys from the TFF and we fished around for several hours catching some pretty good fish. The wind wasn't blowing to hard so I just started off by drifting some shad and within about 5 min, I had my first fish on. I get it in and I'm pretty pumped now, I re-bait all my rods and throw'em back out. A few min later heres another. After that it was pretty slow. I started thinking, "I have the Navonics Map map on my phone, why don't I try using that." And after that, I ended up catching a few more and seeing one of the guys from the TFF catch a 28 pounder, his new personal best. All in all I had a fun time and might consider heading back down  there for another try.
I've never really used this app the way it's designed, after this trip I think it works pretty good.

The first two fish and I'm thinking, man oh man, this is going to be a crazy day.

Chess from the TFF with his 28 pounder

After the wind quit blowing the bite shut off, its relaxin' time.

My 4 fish stringer for the day.

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