Monday, December 5, 2011

Cold Weather Blues

We headed out to Lake Arrowhead yesterday for a little catfish action. I caught the first one first rattle out of the box and the next about 30 min later off a point north of the ramp on the west side. We caught a few small ones that didn't keep then moved about 50 yards to a flat next to big channel and caught the big one, and one of the smaller ones. The big one came off the top edge of the channel, so we moved over into the channel thinking they'd be stacked up in there but only had a few bites.That was it for a while and then we headed over towards Pawnee point and caught a few more little ones. The lake is real low, theres lots of dirt showing that I've never seen out there, we had lots of bites, and it was really cold. We couldn't catch any shad at our normal places so we figure they've moved out to deeper water.

So after we got back and took the pictures, I texted one to my buddy over in Nocona, he shoots this one back, a 25lb blue and a 34lb yellow, they caught yesterday at Lake Nocona.

Looks like their on!!

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