Monday, March 4, 2013

Solo Trip Down and Up the Brazos

Well I went out Saturday with big ambitions, kind of a Texas Independence Day thing, and of catching big fish, and lots of them. As for the fishing.... I caught one little bass, and had the most perfect call your cast type shot that started with a big thump, and before I could catch up, it'd already swam into a big laydown and I lost it. After I cooked supper, I stayed up till about 9pm waiting on a big cat to come along, had lots of bites, but couldn't ever get one to hook up. Once I went to bed, it got cold, and damp. I had a good lesson on 1 man tents, I figured it being smaller, and lighter, it'd be better for the yak, well, I'll stick with a bigger one that weighs just a tad more and takes up a tad more space from now on.

This was also the first time since I've have this kayak, that I've had it on a river. Very pleased with it's handling. One thing I noticed is with it loaded with a good amount of gear, the tracking issues really go away, also being blown around by the wind, even with the seat in the high position, and a cooler and some other stuff in the back doesn't happen as bad. Storage in the Coosa is plentiful, you could probably pack enough for a week trip if you could keep the clothes to a minimum, and pack mostly dehydrated food.

I had another close encounter of sorts, maybe leaving my lantern on though the night, played more tricks with my brain, than were really out there. But sometime after midnight, I was awaken by some serious gun fire, about 15 or so rounds along way off, and sounded like a big rifle. Being so far away it didn't bother me so I went back to bed. Sometime later I'm awaken again to the sound of fourwheelers, dogs barking then another round firing. This time it sounded alot closer, like 100 yards or so, and as soon as I heard the first shot, I heard a huge thump sound right off in the water, big carp getting spooked? .223? I don't know, I laid there knowing I would be outgunned if it came to it. Then I heard them drive alittle further, unload another mess of bullets and never heard anything else. I figure they were hog hunting, but I had no idea who and what they were doing.

Here's some pictures, enjoy.

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