Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mexican Blue Water

Made it down to Riviera Maya a few weeks ago and got to jump into some serious fishing. Besides having cut my hand and having a long night the night before the fishing trip it was awesome. And from my experience, that part of Mexico seemed pretty safe, there were times it felt sketchy, but never in danger. 

As for the fishing, it was great. We went out on a 30'+ boat and within 10 min of leaving the dock, we were hooked up on two Mahi Mahi, the one I caught took what felt like 20 min to fight in and was about 4 foot. All the fish we caught were on tolling some big ass lures with Ballyhoo wired onto the hook, and for the most part were on top.  Between my buddy and I, we caught 5 or so Mahi Mahis and he caught a trophy Sail Fish. I try to not call it a once in a lifetime trip because I can't wait to go back. Here's several pictures of the trip as well as some video.

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